2019 Best Synthetic Ivy

The “2019 Best Synthetic Ivy” award recognized excellence in the design, quality, and application of artificial ivy products. Celebrating innovation in synthetic greenery, this award highlighted products that offered exceptional realism, durability, and environmental sustainability. Winners demonstrated leadership in enhancing aesthetic appeal and functionality in both indoor and outdoor spaces with their synthetic ivy solutions.

2021 Best Roof Design

The “2021 Best Roof Design” awards celebrated outstanding achievements in roofing architecture and construction. Recognizing projects that demonstrated exceptional creativity, functionality, and sustainability, these awards highlighted designs that integrated innovative materials, energy efficiency, and aesthetic excellence, setting industry benchmarks for roof design.

2023 Best Multi Family Project

The “2023 Best Multi-Family Project” awards honor exceptional design, sustainability, and community impact in multi-family housing developments. These awards spotlight projects that excel in architectural innovation, resident comfort, and environmental responsibility, setting new standards for residential living spaces.

2023 Best Roof Design

The “2023 Best Roof Design” awards recognize outstanding architectural innovation and aesthetic excellence in roof design. These awards celebrate projects that showcase creativity, functionality, and sustainability in roofing, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the construction and design industry.

2023 Best Indoor Golf Project

The “2023 Best Indoor Golf Project” awards spotlight exceptional achievements in the design, construction, and innovation of indoor golf facilities. These awards honor projects that excel in providing immersive, state-of-the-art golfing experiences, combining technology, playability, and aesthetics to elevate the indoor golf industry.

2023 Best Commercial Office Park

The “2023 Best Commercial Office Park” Awards recognize outstanding design, innovation, and sustainability in office park developments. These awards highlight projects that excel in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly workspaces, setting new standards for commercial real estate.

2023 Silver Achievement

The “2023 Silver Achievement” awards celebrate excellence and innovation, honoring individuals, teams, or organizations that have made significant contributions in their field. These awards recognize outstanding performance and achievements that meet a high standard of excellence, demonstrating a commitment to quality and progress.

2023 Project of the Year

Explore SYNLawn’s ‘2023 Project of the Year’ awards, showcasing innovative artificial turf installations in commercial, residential, and recreational spaces.