How to Use Artificial Hedges in the Commercial & Hospitality Industry

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Modern-day architecture and decor are trending toward seamlessly integrating the outdoors with the indoors. Architects and interior designers like to incorporate lots of greenery in commercial and hospitality establishments like high-end luxury hotels, elegant diners, or upscale restaurants. Artificial hedges lend a delightful element of sophistication and style without the need for extensive, time-consuming maintenance. Read ahead for detailed information on enhancing your commercial spaces with the right artificial hedge panels.

Outdoor Artificial Green Walls to Enhance Exteriors

Synthetic vertical gardens and hedges create the perfect welcoming area for guests thanks to their combination of leaves and delicate flowers in varying colors. Each leaf is made using premium polyethylene with a specially designed texture that makes them move with air currents. That’s what makes them look absolutely natural. You can install these panels on the property periphery to segregate it from the neighbors while creating a striking green barrier to ensure complete privacy. Installing faux greenery on the walls around the entrance serves as an eye-catching backdrop for the hotel’s brand name in metal or neon lighting to stand out in the evenings and nights.

Using a Faux Ivy Privacy Fence in Hotel Courtyards

Artificial hedges are ideally used to demarcate different sections of the hotel grounds. Verdant hedges undoubtedly look more appealing than bare concrete walls, even if they are low and tastefully decorated with textured paint or other embellishments. You can use faux hedges to separate the cozy alfresco dining area from the swimming pool. Faux ivy panels can be used as tasteful screens around secluded areas for sunbathing under pergolas or gazebos beside the pool for guests. Most hotels now have Zen gardens with water fountains for quiet relaxation. Faux fences and vertical gardens are the perfect decor elements to enhance them.

Artificial Hedges Indicate Commitment to the Environment

Artificial green spaces hint at the establishment’s commitment to eco-friendly practices--a factor that has become a critical point of differentiation when customers choose the top brands they want to support. By installing faux hedges, you’ll indicate low dependence on water resources and harmful pesticides and herbicides to keep the plants looking green and healthy. Your clients are well-informed and likely to appreciate that your artificial hedges lend beauty all year round. You can also replace the lawns outside with greener alternatives like synthetic turf that needs minimal water and maintenance.

Faux Fences to Adorn Hotel Lobbies

High-end hotel lobbies welcome guests and creating the right aesthetics to boast that the “Wow!” factor is absolutely essential. Reception and waiting areas typically have enclosures and seating arrangements for guests where they can relax, wait for their rooms, or pick up services. You can set up faux hedges or box planters to create secluded areas that also act as informal meeting spots for guests who don’t want to bring their visitors to their rooms. Artificial hedges provide the necessary privacy without cluttering the lobby or taking away from the impressions of large open spaces.

Vertical Gardens to Highlight Stairways

Having gardens indoors in a temperature-controlled environment with very little sunshine can be challenging. But, faux vertical gardens have taken away the maintenance pain points. You can now install a beautiful garden on the wall to highlight elegant curving staircases, without worrying about dead leaves, bugs, and dirt escaping from the planters. Alternatively, set up boxed planters with faux hedges along the railings on one or both sides.

Indoor Golf Courses, Fitness Centers, and Swimming Pools

Hotels in cold, windy cities like Chicago now offer their guests comfortable ambiances that simulate warm summer conditions. Guests can use the indoor mini golf course or go swimming in heated indoor pools with loungers for relaxation. Faux hedges, artificial turf on the floors, and vertical gardens on the walls add to the impression of soothing green spaces that guests can enjoy regardless of the cold weather outside.

You’ll Stay Compliant with Fire Regulations

Installing artificial green hedges and turf in your hotel or restaurant keeps you compliant with fire regulations. These solutions are fire retardants, which significantly slow down the spread of flames in case of a hazard. Further, the blades are resistant to UV rays and durable, with a lifespan of at least 10 to 15 years. You’ll save on the costs of maintaining the greenery without the need for frequent renovations unless you wish to give the interiors a facelift. The exciting factor about artificial hedges, vertical garden panels, and synthetic turf is that they can be taken down and reinstalled in a different location without damage.

Faux hedges and artificial greenery are now the preferred alternatives to uninteresting concrete walls. Incorporate greenery in any location in your hotel or restaurant, and you will impress your discerning clientele with the incredible transformation they bring. For more ideas, contact us at SYNLawn Chicago by calling this number: 773-857-5296. You can also contact us by adding your query on this form, and we’ll get back to you with a free estimate.

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