Innovative Uses of Synthetic Turf You Never Knew Were Possible

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Most people are familiar with synthetic turf and its versatility for use in residential and commercial spaces. You’ve probably seen this turfing solution in your neighbors’ and friends’ gardens. Or, in the local pet park, children’s playground, school, and sports clubs. But you will be surprised to know that artificial grass has lots more innovative applications. Top architects and designers are using this decor item to improve the functionality, aesthetics, and ambiance of several high-profile projects. Interested in knowing more about how that can happen? Read ahead.

Indoor Recreational Areas

Using artificial turf with the right-sized blades for mini golfing greens is an everyday synthetic turf use. Not just residential basement recreation areas, but hotels and community centers also have a mini putting green where people can practice their swings. How about taking it a step further? You can set up chess boards with colored turf or tic-tac-toe boards for the kids to play with. Other exciting options include a bocce ball court or live chutes and ladders board for the immersive experience where the adults can join.

Alternatives to Carpeting Anyone?

Advanced synthetic grass versions are softer with a smoother texture, similar to short pile carpets and rugs. Manufacturers are playing around with different materials, sturdier backing, and organic infills to make the turf softer. This is why, you can now purchase faux grass with a natural bounce and feel. And, why homeowners are experimenting with switching out conventional carpets for faux grass. Let’s try a few examples:

Putting down carpeting in the basement is never recommended because of the risk of flooding and dampness that can damage the flooring. Synthetic grass might just be the ideal alternative since it allows water to drain away and dries out quickly. If your basement floods, you can always uninstall the turf and allow the area to dry out completely before replacing it. So, if you wish to set up a play area for pets or kids with soft flooring in case of falls, faux turf would be the perfect option.

Throw Rugs in the Living Area
Using synthetic grass in indoor living areas as part of a landscaping decor element is a great idea. But, aside from aesthetic appeal, you can also install faux grass in small sections for the kids to play. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option that is easy to wash with a quick hosing down, you could go with a faux grass carpet instead of a conventional throw rug. And yes! Pets love them too.

Poolside Areas

The walkways around family pools and hot tubs are always tricky because of the high risk of slips and falls on wet surfaces. You’ll need flooring options with adequate traction that is easy to dry and clean. Cement and tiling are not always skid-proof, and the possibility of impact injuries when landing on them is also high. Synthetic grass is ideal because it is soft underfoot and eliminates the risk of slipping. If you want to step out of the pool or hot tub and just lie back on the grass to soak up the sun, this grass is just right. Spread out a couple of beach towels and enjoy a delicious sunbathing session.

Other Uses You Never Thought Possible

Check out these other uses for artificial turf you would never have thought about.

  • Are you looking for ideas on housetraining your pet? How about setting up a patch of artificial turf on the patio to train your pet to use it? This option is great when you don’t have the time for a long walk outdoors. You can condition your buddy to do their business on a green patch similar to what they might encounter outdoors—cleaning up after them is super easy. 

  • Want to create a grassy patch for your pet to play on? Or, just a soft surface to lay on? You could also line the dog’s house with a patch of non-microbial turf. 

  • The exciting thing about faux turf is that you can cut them into the desired shapes to fit even the most awkward spaces. For instance, to create a landscape in a compact backyard with green spaces around stepping stones or the seating area.

  • Do you need an added layer of cushioning under the trampoline for protection against falls? Or, maybe a grassy floor under your hammock? Consider laying down a patch of synthetic grass.

Contemporary synthetic turf, with its many colors, designs, textures, and blade lengths, is suitable for a stunning range of applications. Whatever your flooring needs, we might have the perfect product for you. How about getting in touch with us for more information on this decor option? Contact us by adding your information here: and let’s talk some more. You can also call us at this number (773)-857-5296 for a free estimate.

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