Synthetic Turf Solutions for Your Garden

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Professional landscaping designs and synthetic turf solutions can transform your home's curb appeal and bring you great returns on investment. Experts agree that a beautiful front yard or backyard can raise the value of your property. Economics aside, adorning your outdoor spaces with grass and plants adds aesthetic appeal and better functionality. Your kids and pets can play without the risk of injuries and mud trailing through the house. Adults can indulge in a game on the private golfing green or just enjoy delightful summers sunbathing and relaxing.

Go for a Combination of Natural Foliage and Synthetic Turf

Contemporary architects now recommend that you go for a blend of natural foliage artistically placed in planters with synthetic turf in strategic spots. Artificial turf has various positives like durability and the need for minimal maintenance like regular watering, trimming, and fertilizing. This is why you can install them in areas with heavy footfall and not worry about flattened and unsightly dead grass. Landscape Architects now integrate faux grass to develop stylish spaces in Chicago’s high-rise condos and apartments and around private homes. Read ahead to learn more.

Instant Gardens for Balconies

Even if you live in an apartment, you can transform the balcony into a lovely outdoor green space. Lay down a patch of green faux turf and set up a small seating area. Artificial turf is the perfect solution if you’re looking to build a home office and need greenery for inspiration. Add a few potted plants to infuse nature, either placed on the floor or hanging from the roof of the terrace. You’ll instantly liven up the place and create a spot for padding around in bare feet. If not a synthetic lawn, you can instead create a vertical artificial green wall with an attractive blend of shaded leaves and tiny flowers.

How About a Rooftop Garden?

Multi-family apartment units are increasingly developing their rooftops with elaborate seating spaces where families can spend time with loved ones. The COVID pandemic spurred the need for outdoor areas where people can enjoy meals, a lovely barbecue, or just relax and let the kids play without having to go out. Artificial turf solutions have provided the perfect foil for garden furniture. Residents can walk their pets without worrying about odors or how to clean up after them. Green grass also creates a soothing backdrop for conversations or Zoom meetings for WFH professionals.

Stylish Greenery in Your Driveways

Driveways need not be drab concrete-paved areas, but if you’re looking to add aesthetics, your options can be limited. Natural grass is not advisable since the blades and soil will compact under the car's weight. Watering and pruning a narrow strip of grass is challenging, so the next obvious choice is synthetic turf. You can install a narrow strip in the center without worrying about irrigating the patch and keeping it green. Getting flagstones cut in irregular shapes and spacing them with faux grass is yet another way to add style to your driveway. Simply substitute grout and fillers with artificial turf to lend the impression of a beautifully maintained front yard and driveway that your HOA is sure to appreciate.

Verdant Gardens in Shady Backyards

The most exciting thing about synthetic grass is that it doesn’t need sunshine to appear green and healthy. Even if you have a shady backyard with minimal natural light at any time during the day, your professional landscapers can build you a lovely garden. They’ll set up an artificial green lawn to offset the concrete patio and plant trees with rock detailing around them. You can also add a faux vertical garden to the fence for added greenery. Install a seating arrangement, and you have the perfect hangout spot for the family.

Highlighting Paving Stones with Turf

A terrace with paving stones and grass peeking from the gaps adds greenery to the spaces balancing out the harshness of the bare stone. This concept is perfect for creating a seamless flow from the indoors to the outdoor gardens and, perhaps, the poolside. If you’re concerned about maintaining the grass with mowing, trimming, and watering, simply go with faux grass that adds appeal without the hassle.

Synthetic turf solutions are excellent ideas to complement natural foliage and develop beautiful residential gardens. Installing rolls of faux grass is quickly done to give you instant green spaces that maintain their look and appeal without needing elaborate and time-consuming maintenance. For more ideas, contact us at SYNLawn Chicago Rely on our experts for a range of exciting solutions that will enhance your home's curb appeal and aesthetics.

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