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Playing is a critical part of a child’s development. That’s how they develop their physical, emotional, and cognitive capabilities. And, child-safe turf ensures that they can run, jump, and tumble without the risk of getting serious injuries. Specifically designed as playground solutions, artificial turf surfacing system provides a safe ground cover material to protect kids. Did you know that according to the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS), 70% of injuries on the playground happen when kids take a tumble? These injuries can be prevented by laying down a soft material with adequate elasticity and cushioning. Read ahead for some added information about why child-safe turf is an ideal playground solution. 

Conventional Loose Fill is Hazardous

Conventional playgrounds are made with loose fill like wood chips or mulch, rubber mulch, sand, and pea gravel. Although these materials are cheaper and easy to lay down, they tend to shift around, especially in daycare centers and play yards with heavy footfall. Further, these materials may not provide adequate fall height protection, and the sharp edges can cause scrapes. However, child-safe turf comes with TrampleZone™ replaceable products that won’t shift or become loose while providing cushioning from falls.

Loose fill can also attract wind-blown trash, dirt, and other hidden debris resulting in allergies and infections that can be avoided with faux turf. Children of very young ages can safely play on syntehtic turf as it does not contain any small objects they might eat. Or dig up, scatter around, and play.

Child-Safe Turf and Playground Solutions Remain Green Year-Round

When choosing suitable child-safe turf, you’ll need a solution that remains green year-round without worrying about watering or using chemical pesticides and fertilizers that may be harmful to the kids. Artificial turf stays green and needs minimum maintenance. Just a quick brush with a wide rake can have the blades looking springy instantly. You can also quickly gather up any debris and trash. Most importantly, you won’t have to worry about the grass dying in unsightly brown patches and waiting for it to grow back again so the kids can go outside and play.

Playground Solutions Suitable for Chicago’s Weather

If you’re looking for suitable playground solutions for Chicago’s wet and windy weather, synthetic grass is the right choice since rainwater and melting snow drains away quickly. The turf rolls are installed with a layer of porous backing with a slight slope to facilitate easy drainage. You can also expect the turf to last for at least 15 years since the blades are made with durable polyethylene/ polypropylene, or nylon fibers. Of course, an added advantage is that, unlike natural grass, this turf won’t attract insects, mites, and ticks.

Using Child-Safe Turf Eliminates Tripping Hazards

Playgrounds without synthetic turf typically have uneven surfaces with rocks, small stones, tree roots, and loose dirt where kids can trip and fall. Concrete surfaces are also hazardous. Should you go with faux turf playground solutions, you’ll develop a smooth and flat play area where kids can run around without the risk of tripping. Further, the turf provides traction, so kids are unlikely to slip and fall.

Choose from a Range of Options

SYNLawn playground solutions are available in a selection of options, and you can choose the ones that best suit your needs. For instance:

  • Play Platinum with an ASTM Class A Fire-Rating and IPEMA Certification and made with Super Yarn™ technology
  • Play Premium comes with the signature exclusive plant-based EnviroLoc+™ backing system made with 60% renewable soybeans
  • SYNPlay 60 with padding suitable for indoor play areas thanks to an energy-absorbing backing pad; available in 7 standard colors with the option to order customized shades
  • SYNPlay 48 with padding available in a selection of 7 colors and comes with energy absorbing backing pads to absorb the shock from falls, thus relieving stress on the child’s joints.
  • SYNFescue 343 suitable for a range of playground solutions because of its versatility and durability
  • SYNAugustine X47 is a USDA Certified Bio-Based artificial grass system combining an organic infill; displays the unique USDA label for its biobased components.
  • SYNTipede 343 comes with EnviroLoc+™ Plant-Based Backing and Super Yarn™ technology featuring Sanitized®, DualChill™, and StatBlock™.
  • SYNPro available in 5 exciting colors with the option to order customized shades; exceptionally versatile and usable by kids, adults, golfers, and athletes

With a full range of exciting playground solutions and benefits, SYNLawn artificial turf is the ideal choice for indoor and outdoor play areas. If you aren’t sure about the right product for your spaces, rely on the professional consultants at SYNLawn Chicago to help you make the right choice. Contact us, and we’ll have a team come around and provide a free estimate. Fill out the form on this page, or call us at this number: (773)-857-5296. We also respond to text queries.

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