What Makes SYNLawn SYNCourt Tiles a Better Option for Sports Fields

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The last few years have seen radical changes in the sports and fitness industries. Sports fields and courts need to be adapted to suit athletes’ requirements with a special focus on minimizing injuries and maximizing performance. Whether you’re designing courts for professional level athletes or school and university players, you’ll want a playing surface that is suitable for standing, jumping, sitting, running, rolling, and bouncing. Whatever may be the actions performed on the field, including meeting, falling, dancing, or racing, SYNLawn court tiles are possibly the best option. Read ahead to understand why, in detail.

What Will the Court be Used For?

Facility managers in charge of developing and maintaining the surfaces typically ask this question before working out the appropriate materials. However, modern-day sports arenas need versatility and the ability to adapt to different games. Simply because the same court will likely be used for playing basketball and later, volleyball or running. Each sport is played using different physics and biomechanical principles and organizers must take into account factors like, for instance, the return energy of the ball landing on the surface.

The correct bounce will enable the ball to move well and the players to jump properly while making quick pivot turns. If the same court is used for playing tennis, the return energy needed is not as high, but the surface should permit a controlled slide and horizontal movement by the athletes. Let’s try another example. Soccer players need a field that provides the proper grip for running and kicking. But, the same field when used for volleyball could prove hazardous since athletes require adequate foot slides to prevent injuries. Using SYNCourt tiles will make it possible for you to segregate sections of the field and customize them according to the required functionality.

SYNCourt Tiles Are Easy to Install

The SYNCourt tiles are easy to install since they are available with an intricate locking system that snaps into place quickly and stays even under extreme usage and weather conditions. The 12’ square tiles have up to 8 positive locks on each edge resulting in a secure fit. The polypropylene material expands and contracts with temperature changes, which is why professional installers take care to leave an adequate gap from fences, goal posts, and any peripherals. The court tiles are available in a range of vibrant colors that add to the aesthetics of the sports arena. They look fantastic under both, natural and artificial lighting without the risk of glares that can interfere with athletes’ visions during the game or training sessions.

Court Tiles Can be Installed on Any Concrete Surface

The SYNCourt tiles can be installed on any solid subsurface with a minimum base preparation. Whether you’re working on a rough (medium broom) cement finish substructure or an asphalt surface, you can easily lay down the tiles. An asphalt surface is typically oil-based with a rough texture and this slippery nature makes it ideal for accommodating polypropylene court tiles. Minor hairline cracks in the substructure can be covered up without any issues, but if the cracks are wider, filling them in will ensure that the ball bounce is consistent. The tiles can also expand and contract without the risk of catching in the cracks.


Maintenance is Executed Without a Problem

Maintenance is typically high on the list of priorities for facility managers and owners. The best advantage of court tiles is that they are extremely durable. The colors are typically designed to absorb stains and soil marks when events are in progress. You need not worry about water pooling after rain since these tiles come with a quick drainage system. Since each tile can be removed individually, repairs can be easily made to the substructure. As for cleaning, the maintenance crew can spray the surface with a mix of detergent and water and allow it to soak in before rinsing or wiping.

SYNLawn SYNCourt Tiles Have Other Benefits

Several other benefits make SYNCourt tiles the best option for your sports fields. Surfaces made with SYNLawn materials are non-toxic, which means they are unlikely to emit noxious odors after installation. They are shock-absorbent and effectively deaden sounds. You can order them in a selection of colors and have them customized, complete with the company logo and symbols. When taking your order, our experts at SYNLawn will come by to measure your spaces and provide tiles with markings for quick installation. You can also request beveled edges for a seamless transition from the court to unpaved areas.

Would you like more information about SYNLawn SYNCourt tiles and how they work? We’re here to answer all your queries. Contact us and our team who will give you expert recommendations on the appropriate products for your sports fields.

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