Greenhaven Preschool Lawn


Synlawn Chicago, a trusted expert in synthetic turf solutions, proudly presents the "Greenhaven Preschool Lawn" project. This innovative initiative centered on the installation of artificial grass in the children's playground area situated behind the school building. The primary aim was to create a safe, engaging, and low-maintenance outdoor play space for the young learners attending the preschool.


Name: Greenhaven Preschool Lawn
Completed: 2022

SYNLawn Chicago Synthetic Turf
SYNLawn Chicago Synthetic Turf


  • Synlawn Expertise: Synlawn Chicago's expertise in synthetic turf installations ensured that the project would deliver a high-quality and child-friendly play surface.
  • Playground Transformation: The project focused on transforming the existing playground area into a vibrant and safe outdoor environment for preschoolers.


  • Child-Centric Play Area: Greenhaven Preschool Lawn provided a dedicated space where young learners could engage in active play, fostering their physical and social development.

  • Safety First: The synthetic turf surface was designed to minimize the risk of injuries commonly associated with traditional playground surfaces, ensuring a secure play environment.

  • Low-Maintenance Convenience: Artificial grass eliminated the need for constant upkeep, allowing the school to maintain an attractive and clean play area year-round.

  • Enhanced Learning Experience: The project enriched the overall educational experience by offering children a dynamic and inviting outdoor space for play and exploration.

he "Greenhaven Preschool Lawn" project by Synlawn Chicago demonstrated their commitment to creating safe and enjoyable outdoor environments for young learners. Through the installation of synthetic turf in the children's playground area behind the school building, they provided the preschool with a child-centric play area that prioritized safety, low maintenance, and a rich learning experience. This transformation not only enriched the educational setting but also contributed to the well-being and development of the preschool's students.

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