SYNRye 200 Gets Class A Fire-Rating Awarded by the ASTM

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SYNLawn has always been committed to innovative turf solutions that combine aesthetics with exceptional functionality. One of the latest products innovated and released by the company is the SYNRye 200 range which has raised the bar for building material standards. This artificial turf has earned the Class A fire rating awarded by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E108.

The prestigious Class A rating is given to products that comply with stringent quality controls. The SYNRye range was tested and evaluated for its resistance to flames spreading through flooring applications, and the product has come out the winner! Interested in learning more? Read ahead.

Let’s Talk About the ASTM International

The American Society for Testing and Materials International is a global organization that institutes technical standards for the construction industry. With the goal to improve the lives of millions of people worldwide, the ASTM ratings apply to construction materials, systems, products, and services. The ASTM E648 fire-test response standard covers a process for measuring the critical radiant flux of floor coverings that are installed horizontally.

The test evaluates how well the flooring can resist the flames from an ignition source. The entire process is conducted in a test chamber with a graded radiant heat energy environment. SYNRye 200 earned the Class A fire rating after passing eight different flame and brand tests. These tests were run at the Southwest Research Institute, an independent, non-profit research facility in San Antonio, Texas.

What Does that Mean for You?

The ASTM E648 test checks flooring products to determine how well they can resist fire and prevent its spread through a residence or commercial building. Architects designing your structures must comply with building codes and install fire-resistant materials for complete safety. And the SYNRye product range checks all the boxes.

American-manufactured artificial turf, the SYNRye is incredibly soft underfoot and ideal for areas with heavy footfall. You can install it in any location, including rooftop gardens, playgrounds, atriums, and indoor and outdoor golfing greens. Schools, hotels, homes, office complexes, commercial buildings, and apartments can use the SYNRye flooring application to comply with the highest safety standards.

What it Means to Get Fire Retardant Flooring

Synthetic grass is fire retardant or fire-resistant, which means that if exposed to open flames, the turf will not catch fire and burn like other flammable materials. At the same time, artificial turf is not entirely immune to fire. If flames or embers come into contact with the blades, they will melt and singe. In case of fire around your faux lawn, you can expect the heat may flatten the sections in direct contact with the flames. Of course, these minor setbacks can be easily repaired by replacing the damaged sections.

For this reason, homeowners are advised to set up barbecue grills and smoking areas in areas away from the artificial lawn. You should also be aware that high winds can push flames across a patch of synthetic lawn to reach flammable trees, structures, or any other things in its path across the grass. But your lawn will act as a buffer zone to retard the spreading flames.

Why You Should Get the SYNRye

Several reasons make the SYNRye a recommended product:

  • SYNRye effectively prevents fire from spreading. Artificial grass is typically installed with a layer of sand infill that adds an element of buoyancy to the flooring. The cushioning prevents injuries because of falls, which is why this application is preferred for playgrounds and sports complexes where athletes train. In addition, the sand layer effectively deters flames from spreading.
  • You’ll get a safe, clean, high-performance surface with odor protection making it ideal for walking pets.
  • The product is resilient and durable with bright, color-fast blades that maintain their coloring in the harsh UV rays of the sun.
  • SYNRye is made with the exclusive plant-based EnviroLoc+™ backing system that comprises 60% renewable soya beans replacing petroleum-based polyol. That makes it an eco-friendly flooring application.

Several Prestigious Locations Nationwide Now Use SYNRye

If you’ve been wondering if you should go with SYNRye artificial turf, know that this product is being used in several prestigious structures nationwide. A few great examples include the corporate offices of LinkedIn and Google, Mercedes House, the New York Times Building, and The Cosmopolitan. And, it’s been getting accolades like a placement on the cover of Conde Nast Traveler for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. This hotel has installed the SYNRye on the 2,000 square feet area on its rooftop.

When looking for the best decorative flooring solutions for your home or commercial spaces, you’ll want to go with the best options that are proven to comply with the highest safety standards in the world. And SYNRye fits the bill. Ready for more information? Contact us at SYNLawn and let’s talk some more.

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